What is a Bohemian?

Well, its kind of complicated. Bohemia is a region in what is officially The Czech Republic. The short geographic name is now known as Czechia.

A Bohemian could be someone from that area of the world. Over time, the term Bohemian has been expanded to be more of a characterization of someone with certain behaviors and/or attitudes. A Bohemian can be considered to be someone with a “don’t care what society thinks” attitude. “Hippies” and artists from the ’60’s were considered Bohemians.

Perhaps it’s time to adjust the definition of Bohemian to today’s world. Maybe a Bohemian is someone that has no need for the indulgent use of social media. Social media has become a social drug in which any real Bohemian would avoid.

What? She doesn’t have a Facebook account?  Yes, she might be a Bohemian. I suppose one could use social media in a Bohemian way. That would probably mean turning off feedback if that is such a thing. Since I don’t use Facebook I don’t know what can and can’t be done. I’ll save that research for another post.




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